Date / Datum:

August 12 - 16, 2015
12.-16. srpna 2015

Practice times / Časy cvičení:

We - Sat / St - So:
 morning: 9:00 - 11:50 (3 x 50 min)
 afternoon: 15:00 - 17:50 (3 x 50 min)

Su / Ne:
 9:00 - 11:50

Location / Místo:

U Borského parku 19, Plzeň, Czech

MAP / MAPA:, google maps

Price / Cena:

  • 5 days / dní: 1 500 CZK
  • 1 day / den: 400 CZK,
  • half day / půl dne: 300 CZK.

    Kids below 15 years half of the sum.
    Děti do 15 let za polovic.

  • Accommodation / Ubytování:

  • in the dojo for free / v dojo zdarma

  • Hotel Golden Fish ****
  • Park Hotel Plzeň ****

  • Pension Slavia
  • Pension Bory
  • Pension Cigler

  • University dormitory / univerzitní kolej
  • Other programme:

    The city of Pilsen is European Capital of Culture in 2015 - check the programme here
    Plzeň je v roce 2015 Evropské hlavní město kultury - podrobný program akcí je zde

    Who is who:

    Tanaka Kouichi (born in 1944) is international martial arts teacher, holder of 7th dan in aikido (Aikikai Honbu Dojo, Japan), also teaching iaido and techniques with ken and jo. He started to practice in 1960.He studied martial arts from most prominent Japanese teachers. He started to learn aikido from Nishio Shoji Sensei and continued to work together with him for several years. He concentrated mainly on study of aikido, karate and atemi techniques during that period. Later on he continued in his studies learning from Yamaguchi Sensei and Saito Sensei for more than 10 years. His school is called Shotokai and it is based in prefecture Chiba in Japan. He makes regular trips to Europe and he teaches mainly in Czech Republic and Germany.

  • Home page:

    Takemori Yasuhiko (born 1952) and currently holds aikido 7 dan (Zaidan Hojin Aikikai). He was the last of four consecutive main ukes to Nishio Shoji shihan, and as such he travelled with Nishio shihan to many places. He came to Sweden for the first time in the 1990-ies. From 1997 he teaches regularly in seminars in Sweden and Finland, since 2003 in St Petersburg and since 2006 in Berlin.Takemori-sensei’s teaching is influenced by a profound knowledge in other budo as well. The sword and the staff (jo) are often used as integrated parts of the aikido techniques.Other than aikido Takemori-sensei is a iaido 8 dan (Zen Koku Iaido Renmei). He is a resident of Yokosuka outside of Yokohama. In his youth he was taught by Okumura Shigenobu (Aikikai Hombu shihan) as well as Kuroiwa Yoshio shihan, Otake Kai shihan, Shimizu Kenji shihan and Saotome Mitsugi shihan.

  • Home page:

    Stefan Stenudd (born 1954) Swedish writer and aikido instructor, 7 dan Aikikai Shihan, former Vice Chairman of the International Aikido Federation. Practiced aikido since 1972. Chairman of Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation. Author of books: Aikido Principles: Basic Concepts of the Peaceful Martial Art, Attacks in Aikido: How to do Kogeki, the Attack Techniques and Aikibatto: Sword Exercises for Aikido Students.

  • Home page:

  • Contact / Kontakt:

    Jaroslav Sip, sip (at) adp-i . cz, +420 604 624 042

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    Aikido Dojo Plzeň